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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just use rubbing alcohol?2019-02-28T18:28:05-07:00

Though isopropyl alcohol is the most commonly used product for cleaning paraphernalia, it is also listed by several different government agencies as being toxic.

What about nail polish remover?2019-02-28T18:33:51-07:00

In addition to also being toxic, it’s even less effective!

Isn’t it cheaper to use those items?2019-12-16T22:32:34-07:00

Though the creators of Dragon Spit took the time to specially create a solution for cleaning cannabis paraphernalia, are crazy-good at it – it’s actually comparable in price, especially when you consider how much time and product you’re saving not having to do all it over again or scrub forever.

Will your product work better than household items?2019-02-28T18:33:42-07:00

Yes. Dragon Spit was specially formulated and tested to work like magic at removing resin and other cannabis debris. While rubbing alcohol may rock at killing bacteria, it’s resin-removing game is far less strong.

How long will Dragon Spit take to clean my ______?2019-02-28T18:33:37-07:00

This depends on what you’re cleaning and how dirty it is. While some accessories can be cleaned lickety-split, others might need to soak for a little while. Look for the residue separating, that’s when it’s about done working it’s magic.

Should I add salt when shaking?2019-02-28T18:33:31-07:00

Nope. In fact, please don’t. Salt and other small course substances can corrode the material of your paraphernalia, damaging its structure. It’s also simply not needed, as Dragon Spit is fierce enough on its own. Let your pieces live long beautiful lives!

How often to clean?2019-12-16T22:34:34-07:00

It depends on how often the piece is used, but often. Keeping your paraphernalia clean means that cleaning is a quick job. Plus, letting tar-filled residue build up is counter-affective to the wellness effects that cannabis offers. It’s also just hygienic to keep them clean.

Is Dragon Spit bad for the earth?2019-12-16T22:33:24-07:00

Dragon Spit won’t leave a damaging mark on our planet after making your paraphernalia sparkle. Some people also toss paraphernalia instead of cleaning it, due to the former difficult nature of cleaning; this is a solution to that waste.

How is your product different than others?2019-02-28T18:32:05-07:00

While a couple other cleaning products that are cannabis-paraphernalia-specific may be out there, they are probably going to take longer, require complex processes, and/or be toxic for your health.

Why did you create this product?2019-02-28T18:32:26-07:00

We care about our customers’ mental and physical health as well as their time. We were tired of watching all of cannabis innovate without any revolution in how we’re cleaning our tools that deliver it, so we stepped up.

Why the name Dragon Spit?2019-02-28T18:35:22-07:00

When we were brainstorming names and trying to think of ways to describe our powerful product, we played with many typical options; but eventually found we had to turn to the mythical. Only something from the breath of fire could describe the magic-like effects of our solution burning away your bong’s resin. (Cannabis use may also have been involved.)