Welcome to Dragon Spit

Dragon Spit was founded to revolutionize the paraphanalia cleaning experience. We were frustrated that so much about cannabis had changed in recent decades, but the ways people cleaned their accessories remained the same. People often use household solvents that aren’t made with cannabis in mind whatsoever, sometimes combining them with salt (or even sugar!) which can corrode glass and other materials.

We’re living in a day in age where we get to reap wide benefits from the progressions in cannabis: you can buy products that isolate specific cannabinoids, use digital technology and apps to consume, and “marijuana tablets” are a real thing, for crying out loud. Our founders decided it was time someone did something about the unevolved state of cleaning our tried-and-true paraphernalia pieces, and they stepped up to solve this age-old problem. Shortly after, Dragon Spit was born.

Benefit from the
Cannabis Paraphernalia Cleaning Revolution

Our formula easily and quickly removes residue, leaving you with paraphernalia that can be enjoyed time and time again. We’re passionate about our contribution to the cannabis revolution and work to play our role with integrity and vision. We believe in the magic we create, our customers’ wellness, and saving time.

Thoughtful Care

It’s important to keep your cannabis smoking paraphernalia clean, and it’s important to use a cleaning product that’s made especially for doing so:

At Dragon Spit we know that you care about your cannabis experience, just like we do. If what kind of cannabis you’re smoking matters to you, the cleanliness of the piece delivering it ought to matter as well. You deserve an experience that’s simple, provides wellness, and is even a little bit magic.

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