Cannabis Paraphernalia Cleaning Made Easy

What’s your favorite smoking device? We know you have one. At Dragon Spit we care about our cannabis accessories, just like you. We believe that cleaning paraphernalia should be something that’s simple and promotes wellness, like the wonderful plant itself. Our tough formula lives up to these standards, and even turns the experience from a hassle…to something that’s a little bit magic.

Enthusiasts often treasure the cannabis paraphernalia that delivers our sweet herb, but while that means our pieces might get dubbed brilliant names; it doesn’t always mean that they’re cleaned as often they ought to. A treasured bong or pipe can go from stunning art to nasty mess surprisingly fast, and the cleaning process isn’t exactly known for being quick n’ easy. Removing debris and resin (and not the good kind) has traditionally been a sticky, messy, time-consuming disaster – but we’re changing all that.

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Keeping it Fresh

Benefits of Caring for Paraphernalia

You’ll love how our product transforms the cleaning experience, but first here’s why keeping your cannabis paraphernalia clean is important:

Dragon Spit is Quick, Easy,
and Even a Little bit Magic

And now for the cleaning process:

Dragon Spit was also created specifically for cleaning cannabis smoking accessories. This helps us to do a fantastically better job than commonly used household items; say something that’s primary function is to treat skin wounds, for example. We know cannabis, and we know how to clean its debris. We work hard to ensure we’ve got the best paraphernalia cleaning product on the market.

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You Deserve a Better Solution

We know that you work to integrate cannabis into your wellness routine and don’t want your efforts defeated by toxic and time-consuming cleaning methods. Everything about cannabis and its consumption has evolved in recent years – it’s about time that a revolution in the paraphernalia cleaning experience has arrived, isn’t it? Check out Dragon Spit today.

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